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Hayes/Farnes v. University of Chicago Hospital, et. al.

Failure of the hospital to recognize a dangerous decline in patient’s blood pressure during valve replacement surgery resulting in brain damage and death 13 days after surgery.

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Diaz v. Dr. Christensen, et. al.

Birth injury involving the hospitals failure to deliver in a timely fashion despite evidence of fetal distress.

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McNamee v. Provena St. Therese Medical Center

Birth injury involving hospitals failure to have physician examine pregnant woman who came into emergency room with known bleeding placenta previa. Hospital failed to timely perform c-section delivery resulting in brain damage to child.

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Spann v. University of Illinois Hospital

This case involved the failure of the hospital to recognize the signs of fetal distress and to use an internal fetal heart monitor resulting in brain damage and eventual death 5 years after birth.

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Zollicoffer v. W.B. Olson

Construction negligence involving dangerous working conditions. Iinjuries resulted in brain damage.

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Schnierle v. Stathis

An elderly driver strikes a female bicyclist, dragging her 75 feet, resulting in multiple skin grafts and disfigurement.

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Bullock v. Christ Hospital, et. al.

This case involved the hospitals failure to properly treat a baby born with Hirschsprungs disease resulting in the baby’s death 25 days after birth.

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McCoy v. St. Joseph's Hospital
1997 - Settlement - $12,000,000.00

A first time pregnant woman went to St. Joseph's Hospital for a routine cesarean section and never regained consciousness.

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Gentile v. Consolidated Medical Transport
1999 - Settlement - $6,000,000.00

The case arose out of a collision involving the car which the plaintiff was a passenger and an ambulance owned by Consolidated Medical Transport. Plaintiff had suffered a closed head injury as a result of the collision.

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Smith v. Texaco
1994 - Settlement - $6,235,000.00

This case was settled after 7 years of lengthy and complex discovery. Plaintiff was injured and rendered a quadriplegic as a result of an explosion of an empty, underground gasohol storage tank at a Texaco dealership in southside Chicago. The explosion occurred while the plaintiff had been doing work on the outside of the tank.

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Bartke v. Chrysler and Carle Clinic
1996 - Settlement - $4,500,000.00

This complex case involved both a defect in the car in which the plaintiff was riding and medical malpractice at the hospital where the plaintiff was taken for treatment.

The case arose out of a one car crash on a back road in Iroquois County, Illinois. The car flipped over and plaintiff was thrown from the car. Although there was evidence that the driver had been drinking, we were able to show that there was a defect in the steering mechanism which played a role in the car losing control and flipping over.

Having been thrown from the car and unconscious, plaintiff was taken from the scene and transported to Carle Clinic in Urbana, Illinois. Once at Carle Clinic, the radiologist misread the x-rays showing that plaintiff had suffered a spinal cord injury. Although plaintiff still had movement in his lower extremities after arriving at Carle Clinic, he lost that movement approximately 12 hours after his arrival. As a consequence, plaintiff was rendererd a paraplegic.

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Confidential Plaintiff v. Confidential Defendant
1993 - Settlement - $6,350,000.00

The case arose out of an ill-fated attempt by a physician to demonstrate to a young resident an out-moded means of measuring the central venous pressure of a newborn. A prior attorney had been offered $3,500,000.00 to settle the case, which the plaintiff's parents had rejected. Mr. Hegarty took the case over and ultimately settled the case for $6,350,000.00

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2006 - $14.5 million

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Strickland v. Illinois State Tollway
2006 - $2.4 million
An Illinois State Tollway maintenance truck suddenly pulled out in front a car driven by William Strickland, Sr., causing him to lose control and hit a parked truck. The driver, his son Steven, and grandson Steven Jr., were killed in the crash.

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Morales v. Christ Hospital
2003 - $12 million
Jose Morales was born six to eight weeks premature and was about 24 hours old when a doctor at Christ Hospital failed to properly treat a problem with the boy’s lungs, causing his lungs to collapse and a significant decrease in heart rate. Jose went into brachycardia and ended up with cerebral palsy.

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